Teams And Contracts

Alpha Ten has over three years experience with large Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts.  Alpha Ten is a Prime Contractor on SeaPort-e, a large IDIQ Contract in which Alpha Ten manages a team comprised of more than 30 companies.  Alpha ten is also a sub-contractor on seven other IDIQ contracts (AMCOM Express, Army CECOM ITES 2-S, Army CECOM Rapid Response, OPTARSS I, Army S3 and Veterans GWAC.

Alpha Ten’s experience in managing its individual and IDIQ contracts has allowed us to develop a robust staffing and management plan to ensure that we are able to provide the government the qualified personnel needed to effectively perform any specific task order. TA10 has developed a robust and tested staffing methodology to man and deliver exceptional talent for enterprise technology operations.  This successful enterprise capability allowed us to build years of functional experience, developed recruiting practices, highly skilled recruiting teams, and stringent talent screening processes.  Alpha Ten is able to has pre-deploy these staffing resources to support specific mission delivery and adherence to DOD client expectations.  Our resolute staffing and staff retention plan provide insurance to the project’s mission to ensure technical staff availability.

Despite being backed by professionals that have extensive Enterprise Information Technology experience in both the commercial and government sectors and by veterans who have extensive knowledge of DOD processes, Alpha Ten is still a young and truly a small business. And in trying to meet the requirements of a project of this magnitude, Alpha Ten realizes that there will be plenty of gaps in our skills and capabilities and therefore will need to get augmented.

Alpha Ten addresses these gaps by tapping into our vast and well-established network of highly qualified companies that we have built through our IDIQ contracts and through mutual agreements with various companies throughout the government services industry. Through this network, Alpha Ten is able to effectively augment its overall skills and capabilities through various forms of partnership agreements including, contractor/sub-contractor teaming arrangements and joint ventures.

In addition, Alpha Ten’s teaming strategy always foster assisting other small disadvantaged businesses.  The small-business centric nature of our teaming strategy allows the Alpha Ten to be flexible and be able to react quickly to tasks and/or issues. Small businesses have very little bureaucracy and DISA will have easy access to the companies’ decision-makers. Our teaming structure allows us to adjust easily to changes and have the “readiness” to make it happen. As small businesses, we also realize that we do not have all the qualifications or manpower to support all the requirements of a contract of this magnitude.  We therefore teamed with reputable medium-size and large businesses, such as GDIT, which are not only well-recognized in providing excellent products and services to the government, but are also known for their efforts in supporting small disadvantaged businesses. These companies not only help us ensure that our team are able to meet all of our client’s requirements, but also provide the necessary mentorship to other team members.

Alpha Ten’s goal has always been to achieve a business model that is proactive, rather than reactive.  We anticipate your needs and provide solutions in real-time.  We base our solutions on sound repeatable processes, continuous improvement, and leading edge technologies.