Technology & Connectivity Solutions

Alpha Ten Technologies, Inc. (Alpha Ten) provides Small to Medium Size Enterprises with a robust suite of solutions & services to address their technology & connectivity needs. We ensure that our customers stay current on ever-changing landscape of technology, business processes & connectivity requirements.

Our team of professionals continually stays abreast with new trends, concepts & technologies and continually looks for solutions that will benefit our  customers and help them effectively run their business.

Up-to-date information & unbiased opinion and advice on new technology strategies and requirements will be presented to the customer to ensure that the customer understands how they align with the customer’s business priorities, the viability of the product or service and how it will impact their bottom line. We help our clients achieve significant milestones in achieving their  technology & connectivity needs:

  • Network & Infrastructure: We help our clients identify their needs and assess the necessary requirements to meet their needs.
  • Technology Resolution & Implementation: We design, implement and configure the solutions that will be specific to the needs of our clients.
  • Technical Support: We do not stop at the implementation level. We ensure that our clients will have all the help and resources necessary to manage their new technology. Aside from typical technical support, management and support will address all aspects of scalability and future upgrades.
  • Training: We provide our clients varying levels of training to help them take full advantage of the new technologies and exploit its capabilities to its full potential