Information Security Management & Consulting

The global economy and interconnectivity created an even greater challenge for the already complex world of the of businesses within any industry. Businesses of all sizes face the challenge of providing timely information, products and/or services to their clients throughout the world. They understand and continually live by the adage, “Time is Money”. As they continually try to provide information, products and services at breakneck speeds, they must continually navigate through the speed bumps of regulatory requirements and other environmental factors in ensuring the security and reliability of their assets and resources.

Interconnectivity and reliance on computer-related solutions creates risks and vulnerabilities that can adversely affect business integrity and continuity. Risks can vary from hacker intrusions and spreading of viruses to natural disasters and crashed hard drive.

Alpha Ten specializes in assisting small to medium size enterprises in Assessing, Resolving and Managing the risks and vulnerabilities that are inherent in running an enterprise in a highly-competitive and complex globally-interconnected economy. Alpha Ten’s suite of Information Security solutions and services include: