Back-Office & Professional Consulting Services

Small businesses are known for their creativity, flexibility and making do of what they have. They are also known for having very limited budgets and their often inability to keep up with trends that can eventually make or break their future in the market.  Aside from limited resources and funds, small business owners also have to deal with limited (overworked and over tasked) manpower, lack of expertise, and also the fear of dealing with new and foreign concepts.

These limitations creates a big gap between the few small businesses, who like their bigger competitors were able to overcome these constraints and were able to embrace technology and new processes as a way to grow and the majority of small businesses that do not have the capacity to fully understand, let alone incorporate appropriate solutions and methodologies into their business strategies and move on to the next phase of their business development.

Alpha Ten helps small and medium size businesses rise to this surmounting challenge. We will help small to medium size businesses address these issues by providing them with a well-rounded suite of Business Process related consulting and support services, which are specifically designed to meet the complex need of their individual businesses.

Alpha Ten understands the needs of small businesses and independent service providers. We offer an extensive background and experience required to provide them with the necessary support in a wide variety of administrative, accounting, staff augmentation, human resources and business development services. Alpha Ten has extensive experience in providing a wide-variety of business process and human resource support services including: