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Now more than ever, Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are challenged to keep up due to continuing rise in of staffing and overhead costs and very limited capital to support them. Various constraints limit small businesses to take full advantage of their full potential. These include limited resources and funds, too much work handled by too few personnel, lack of expertise in critical areas and the overall fear and misconception of new concepts, practices and technologies.

Technology is one of the most important tools available to help SMEs grow, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid using such tools while remaining competitive.  Technology and business processes continue to evolve at a very fast rate and many SMEs are kept busy trying to keep up by researching, identifying, purchasing and implementing new needed tools as they come in.

This not only depletes their already limited resources further, but it also takes them away from doing their core functions and actually help their company earn money.  Many still tend not to or could not take full advantage of what new technologies have to offer due in fact that many business owners and managers do not have the time or resources to fully understand how these new innovations can effectively improve their bottom line and/or keep them a step ahead of the competition.

Alpha Ten understands these challenges and we are here help SMEs address these issues. Our core business is keeping abreast with change and to deliver that knowledge to our clients.