Program Management

Alpha Ten provides our clients with a highly organized team of intelligence, technology and security professionals equipped with current-technology processes and tools that are continually evolving to enhance quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Alpha Ten is committed to providing the necessary expertise to help our clients with their intelligence, technology and security challenges. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we manage our programs to demonstrably contribute to the business objectives of the customer.

Alpha Ten offers industry-recognized and proven customer-centric program management approaches that leverages standardization, experienced resources, staff incentives, and quality controls to provide unparalleled services to our clients. Alpha Ten specializes in service solutions that focus on infrastructure and business process improvements.

We stand ready to evaluate existing and create new concepts and technologies with our customers to develop the solutions that best match our clients’ organizational requirements. Our mission is to meet and exceed expectations while specializing in business process improvements and alignment, resulting in increased value to our clients.