Human Resources, Staffing and Recruiting Services

Alpha Ten uses a robust staffing and recruiting process effectively deliver exceptional talent to meet our clients’ organizational needs.  This capability allowed us to build years of functional experience, developed recruiting practices, develop a network of highly skilled recruiting teams, and stringent talent screening processes.

To support our efforts to effectively provide qualified professionals to support government and commercial contracting opportunities, we own and operate:

  • MyAlphaJobs™ – The Professional Resource for Government Careers: A national job board focused on connecting  qualified and cleared professionals with government
  • LinkVETS™ – The Veterans Resource Network: An online community that expands our reach and ability to network with veterans and government contracting professionals.

These resources and a team of full time recruiters on staff that are always on the search for new talent enable Alpha Ten to be extremely successful at finding qualified and cleared people for any job at any location.